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So, You Want to Race the Nordschleife?

I get asked all of the time how one can get to race at the Nürburgring Nordschleife. I've now officially joined Sorg Rennsport as their North American ambassador and with that means I get to help my fellow racers get to the Ring with easy steps. It's not that complicated of a process.

Before we begin, the Nordschleife is a special track. Obviously. There is special licensing specifically for racing on this circuit and it doesn't matter if you have a current FIA Super License, the steps remain the same. The two most popular series here are the NLS (formally VLN) and the RCN.

Every driver arrives with a license, for an American, the easiest option is an FIA license. We first need to find a DPN Drivers Training Course. This is essentially a small school focussing on the unique rules of the Ring and also requires an e-learning test with a 100% score to pass. Many of these are held the Friday of an NLS weekend, so it is possible to get licensed and race the same weekend.

The course itself covers rules of the circuit such as Code 60, the double waving 120km/h flag, intervention car procedures, traffic management, etc. They are very strict in enforcing these rules and for good reason. With so many working parts everyone needs to be on the same page. Once you take the "classroom" portion, you can take the e-learning test, and you head on-track. It's essentially a few lead-follow laps and then completing a number of laps without issue. When I did it, it was before an NLS race weekend so I did have race traffic which was cool. You actually get a decent amount of seat time so it's quite a good practice session.

Once you complete your laps, you are qualified for your B permit which will allow you to race in category B class cars. If you are looking to move up to faster machinery then you will need to continue racing and following the pathway below.

Easy to see 2023 guide to getting your permits:

There is practically a class for anything in the NLS ranging from GT3 and endurance specials down to lower power front drive hatchbacks. The series has everything from huge customer racing support to a massive cult-like following of fans. The pinnacle race, not part of the NLS, is of course the 24H race.

Ready to take the dive? You can e-mail me directly and I can help every step of the way from providing you with a car via Sorg Rennsport, to getting the right credentials together, etc. Once you go, you will never look back. It's also more affordable than you may think.

Sorg Rennsport BMW on the Nürburgring Nordschleife being chased by a Porsche GT3 car.

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