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Virtual coaching is for those on a tighter budget but still looking to get the most from their on-track experiences. Whether you are a seasoned driver or just starting out, virtual coaching is an affordable way to get the results you crave.


I offer traditional coaching at events all across the U.S. with international options as well. I also offer special pricing for events at Road Atlanta and Atlanta Motorsports Park.



"Simon played a pivotal role in assisting me in learning the Road Atlanta track, especially as I ventured onto it for the first time. His expertise as a racing driver is truly remarkable, enabling me to devise more efficient solutions and develop diverse strategies for tackling corners and choosing the optimal racing line. Simon's intense focus and analytical skills contribute significantly to the thorough analysis of the laps he works on. His contagious energy for getting things done proved invaluable, aiding me in achieving notable milestones.

Simon served as a great source of inspiration for me, consistently going above and beyond by offering insightful advice on swiftly resolving issues encountered on the track. Without a doubt, he stands out as one of the best racing coaches I've had the privilege of working with."

Alena - Mustang GT race car

"Simon is a great coach that has a sense of humor and is fun to work with. His ability to clearly explain how to go faster, manage tyres, and so forth is better than anyone else I have worked with."

Nick - BMW Compact Cup

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