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Race Preview: 12H Monza 24H Series E-Sports

I am excited to announce we'll be racing virtually this weekend in the 24H Series at Monza in the 12H Monza event. Entered as Tibbett Racing, we'll be driving the BMW Z4 GT3 in the highly contested GT3 class. Although entered as Tibbett Racing, I will be flying the Sorg Rennsport paint scheme and sponsors as that is my real world team. The event is open to only actual 24H Series teams and drivers and will be live streamed in its entirety just as a regular 24H Series race.

For this round I have selected two co-drivers who are very experienced iRacing drivers. Chris Paiz has much success and real world experience as well. The name may sound familiar as he has been a teammate of mine with Casey Carden Motorsports numerous races and we share wins together. The second driver is Timothy Pendergrass who has fifty-six iRacing wins and has competed in both sprint and endurance events.

The race will begin at 12:00 CET and is twelve hours in length. Updates on race day will be posted with the live stream. You can also follow along on social media. You can see our car livery below and yes, the numbers will be fixed before the event. We will be car #51 and they will fit in the board.

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