Introduction: Changing Everything

I've been wanting to talk about this for a while now but just haven't figured out how I wanted to blog about it.

In 2013, I hit my maximum peak weight of 315lbs or around 142 kilos for my readers across the pond. Today, I weigh in at 180lbs and am still working to shred more.

Racing aside, weighing what I use to was not a healthy weight for someone of my build and height. I wanted to race cars and move up the motorsport ladder. It was really a question of how badly do I want it? If I stayed how I was there was no opportunity. If I fought and pushed to shed weight and change my lifestyle at the very least I was giving myself an opportunity. It was either go all in or watch any opportunity disappear.

For someone dreaming of racing cars and moving up in the motorsport world, that's a little hard to do when you can't fit in most modern race cars or seats that accommodate thin and fit drivers. I owned my own race cars at that time and did the prep work, so I always had to shop for the widest seats available. I literally had the widest seat you could fit into the floorboard of a 1st generation Mazda RX-7.

In amateur racing you don't really need to be fit to have fun. Hopping in an MX-5 Cup car isn't a very hard workout in terms of cardio or strength. The harder aspect is the extreme focus, endurance, and heat typically associated within race cars. Living in the southeast of the United States we have extremely hot summer weather, we've raced when the outside ambient temperature was over ninety-degrees Fahrenheit so you can only imagine the temperature inside the car.

So, I needed to make a change. Enough was enough. I hated the way I looked and hated the fact that I was not healthy enough to fulfill any dreams should an opportunity arrive. Even if the opportunity is just renting a Spec Miata for a weekend. What do I do? Change everything.

People ask me all the time what I did to lose weight, more specifically which diet did I use? The answer is I didn't use a diet, I changed my lifestyle completely. I took a long look at everything I was doing, eating, and even mentally thinking. As I said, this is a lifestyle change, anything else would serve as a temporary fix. It was not and is not an easy task.

So, I'm going to write three weekly segments following this brief introduction. Next week I will go into my food and drink intake on what was changed. Be sure to subscribe on here if you want notifications through e-mail or just check in on social media were I will share the posts.

Part 1: The Food

Part 2: The Fitness

Part 3: The Mentality

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