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GT Omega Racing ART Cockpit

Simulators have come a long way. When I first got into racing games Gran Turismo ruled the consoles and only once I got the internet and a computer that was a little powerful I could play Sports Car GT and Grand Prix Legends. I always used a steering wheel, usually attached to a desk.

Growing up simulators are now a tool versus a game. It can even be a form of competitive racing. New eSports series are popping up everywhere and to get the most out of the experience with the current offerings, a desk top just isn't going to cut it for me.

I use sim racing for two things. For one it's a great way to learn new tracks so I frequent iRacing, Assetto Corsa, and even Project CARS sometimes. Secondly it's useful to keep the dust off so I race and partake in practice sessions on iRacing on a very frequent basis.

This leads us to the GT Omega Racing ART cockpit with the RS9 seat. The GT Omega Racing ART cockpit comes in two boxes. One is the seat, the other is the chassis. It requires assembly but the instructions are clear and very straight forward. Everything is included that you need and I had my cockpit out of the box and bolted together in under an hour. You'll notice while building the cockpit that this cockpit is built with quality material. It's heavy, solid, and everything fits correctly. There is no doubt when putting this together.

While putting together the cockpit you'll also admire the ability to adjust practically any aspect of the cockpit you want. Whether it's pedal angle, seat height, or something else, it's adjustable. Not only is the adjustability useful to find that sweet spot but it also shows how much thought the GT Omega Racing team put into producing this cockpit.

Once all said and done the cockpit is a solid tool. There's no wobble, no cheap feel, and the RS9 seat I have with this cockpit is comfortable and very realistic to current sports seats on the market. The overall driving feeling gives more confidence and more immersion into the simulator. It feels more like a car and lets you focus more on the driving aspect versus any movements and imperfections that a lower end rig may show.

If you're in the market for a quality cockpit then you really need to consider what GT Omega Racing has to offer. It's worth every penny and gives you everything you need in an adjustable package. Check out their full product offerings at

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