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Race Recap: SCCA July SARRC @ Road Atlanta

This past weekend I returned home to Road Atlanta to race in the double SCCA SARRC weekend which was also named the Hazel Harrell Memorial. I was driving the #78 Casey Carden Motorsports Mazda Miata in ITA over the weekend, the same car we have been racing in AER and WRL racing. The setup was the same minus running BFG R1s versus the usual BFG Rivals and we had to add quite a bit of weight to the car to meet ITA regulations.

The weekend went well, I was able to finish third both days in the races. We were down on power especially compared to the front running purpose built ITA cars but our engine also has tons of hours on it. As we head to Barber in a few weeks luckily the car will have a fresh engine!

Anyway, overall it was a fairly uneventful weekend of racing which isn't always a bad thing. Reliability was spot on, I had fun, and I had some good little battles playing with an ITR BMW and even an older RX-7 on Sunday.

Videos to come!

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