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Next Event: The Mitty

My next race in the 2017 season brings me back to Road Atlanta for the huge "Mitty" weekend. This has been one of my favorite events to attend ever since I was a little kid. When I first got the chance to race at The Mitty in 2015 I knew I'd have to find a ride every year thereafter.

The car I will be driving is not so vintage though! I'm getting back behind the wheel of a Mazda3. The car was a Runoffs competitor in the SCCA SSC days, now converted to more Touring 4 trim.

The last Mazda3 race car I drove was also a SSC car, actually a competitor to the car above which I'll have for The Mitty. The cars are fun "big body" momentum touring cars from a time where you bought a car from the dealer, added the safety gear, and went racing. While it's not the prettiest lined vintage racer, I'm just excited to once again get out there in such a diverse field with a great group of drivers and fans.

Porsche is the official marque at The Mitty for 2017 and Hurley Haywood will be the grand marshal. For Porsche nuts (like myself) this is an exciting event! Be sure to come out as this will be one you won't want to miss. Tickets are on sale now HERE!

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