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Weekend Recap: Turkey Trot @ Sebring

So I went down to Florida on Thanksgiving to race at the Turkey Trot at Sebring International Raceway. I had never raced at Sebring before and had the opportunity to drive a B-Spec car which I had wanted to drive since their release. The event kicked off Friday with a test day. My first laps out the place felt overwhelming, the track surface changes so much, you get wide strips of old concrete then it narrows down again, etc. I had driven it on iRacing countless times which helped as I knew where the track went. After a few recon laps I started to pick up a little pace and started working to find reference points. There was a lot of traffic in our run group as it was pretty much every fendered race car except the ground pounders, including SRF and SM. As the day went on, times dropped thanks to some coaching from Dynasty Racing. I was pretty confident in the car right away, I'm a fan of racing a FWD and it reminded me of my Mazda3 T4 car from a few years ago. As Saturday rolled around we had a quick morning practice and then a qualifying. I had dipped into the 1:50s on Friday and really wanted a 1:49. That would put me up there closer to the front runners during a Majors weekend. In qualifying I managed a 1:49.6 so I was very happy about that. The race went well, I won by default being the sold B-Spec entrant but the field was big with over forty cars. While the little Honda didn't have power, it did handle quite well and it became frustrating catching faster cars in the tight stuff, having to slow up, only for them to power away again. I still had a blast either way. Sunday's race was pretty much the same deal but with heavy head winds really pushing to slow the Honda down the long open straight away. I once again fought a couple of laps behind a Miata before he retired due to a mechanical issue and then I was pretty much alone to work on the course. All in all it was a fantastic weekend. The weather was gorgeous and it was a real treat to drive at such a historic facility. I got the bug to go back, the track has loads of character and time waiting to be unlocked. Skill can really play a deciding factor in the results at Sebring which I like. Checkout the photos below and I also want to give a special thank you to Arctic Cool for joining us during the Turkey Trot weekend. Check them out!

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