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Weekend Recap: American Road Race of Champions

So a change of car and race type for the 2016 American Road Race of Champions, or more commonly referred to as the "ARRC." I got the opportunity to drive an ITA Mazda Miata with a good friend in the three-hour ECR Series endurance race on Sunday. I had never driven the car before so I got in to qualify to get some seat time. I didn’t get a good clean lap as there was a lot of cars out there but it was good to turn laps since it was a brand new car to me. I use to own a Miata and have driven the newer MX-5s that Skip Barber has but they have their differences. I forgot how these cars reward smooth drivers. If you make a tiny mistake you lose so much momentum that your lap is ruined. The race went great. I got suited to the car and ran the maximum drive time of two hours and was able to turn consistent laps the whole time. Two early full course cautions helped our strategy and helped me make up some spots. I was able to pass for third, second, and then got the lead when the leader went into the pits. The team owner and car owner made a fantastic strategy call that ended up putting is on the top step of the podium in ITA at the end of the race.

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