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Private one on one coaching is one of the best ways to learn a new car, track, or work on your overall driving and racecraft. I am available to coach you at your track day, private test day, or even race weekends. I offer both on-site coaching and also off-site data and video review. My experience includes years of personal coaching, working with the Skip Barber Racing School, Atlanta Motorsports Park, and other organizations.

To inquire about an event, please send me an e-mail using the link below and tell me what you need!

Event Coaching

I offer your traditional event coaching for race weekends, track days, test days, etc. Simply tell me where you are driving and I will be there. I offer data, video, and can offer right seat coaching to certain clients.

Simulator Coaching

I began simulator coaching during COVID and it has proven to be a valuable tool to help a driver find bad habits and break them. Additionally, I have helped drivers learn new tracks, practice race craft, and even learn how to read data. All this is done via a live web-based meeting and is charged at a day or half-day rate.

Virtual Coaching

Virtual coaching is a cheaper way to give valuable coaching notes without me being at the track. Simply send me your video and/or data from a day's driving and I will respond with in-depth notes and graphics guaranteed to make you faster.



Nick / BMW Compact Cup

"Simon is a great coach that has a sense of humor and is fun to work with. His ability to clearly explain how to go faster, manage tyres, and so forth is better than anyone else I have worked with."

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