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F1 Reaches 1,000 Races!

Photo: Motorsport

This weekend in China will mark the one-thousandth Formula One race. That's a huge number! I started watching F1 mid-season in 1998. Back then the noise alone was easily enough to catch the attention of anyone, especially a wide eyed child like myself. Those days it was a big Ferrari and McLaren-Mercedes war. My brother preferred Mika and I was always a Schumacher fan despite some of his brutal tactics. Nobody can argue his raw almost unreal amount of talent though.

Anyway, it has been a large journey as a fan from 1998 until now. There have been a lot of different teams, drivers, cars, engines, and tracks. We can debate all day that the cars sound good or don't, that the racing has died, the tracks are boring, etc. There's one thing that is a fact though and that is Formula One is the pinnacle of motorsport and automotive engineering. I continue to watch and follow along and enjoy the mind-boggling engineering, human fitness, and speed behind it all.

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